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15 of our best Anzac biscuit recipes

Chewy or crunchy? Whatever you prefer, celebrate Anzac Day with our traditional Anzac biscuits or mix it up with muffins, cake or even a fruity crumble. These recipes are all so simple and delicious!

  • 1

    Traditional Anzac biscuits

    These sweet, golden Anzac biscuits are perfect enjoyed with a mug of tea or coffee. Author Natalie Oldfield of 'Love and Food From Gran's Table' shares her Gran Dulcie May's special recipe.

    New Zealand Taste|

  • 2

    Caramel-loaded Anzac biscuits

    This caramel-loaded Anzac biscuits recipe is a lovely variation on traditional Anzac bikkies we all know and love. Serve with a glass of milk, a scoop of ice cream or even as an ice cream sandwich


  • 3

    Anzac slice with golden icing

    This rich, sweet treat is a lovely variation on traditional Anzac biscuits, complete with a creamy icing that turns this humble biscuit recipe into a decadent dessert.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 4

    Classic Anzac biscuits

    April 25th is, of course, Anzac Day. Embrace tradition with the kids and whip up a batch of classic cookies in remembrance.


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    Anzac muffins

    Enjoy the timeless flavours of Anzac biscuits through these warm, buttery muffins - fabulous served with butter and golden syrup.

    Woman's Day|

  • 6

    Choc Anzac slice

    Transform your favourite Anzac biscuits into this delicious slice. Quick and easy to make, this sweet treat is such a scrumptious modern take on the Anzac Day delight.

    Woman's Day|

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    Gluten free Anzac biscuits

    This gluten free Anzac biscuit recipe is packed with all those traditional flavours, but with the added benefit of being suitable to be shared with friends and family with dietary requirements


  • 8

    Apple, rhubarb and anzac crumble

    With a crumbly crust made from sweet golden Anzac biscuits, this apple and rhubarb baked dessert is full of flavour, texture and goodness.

    Australian Table|

  • 10

    True blue Anzac biscuits

    The classic Anzac biscuit is the most famous of New Zealand’s own biscuits, named after the Australian & New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who fought in World War I. A classic cookie and a must-try!

    Woman's Day|

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    Choc Anzac biscuits

    Add a delicious twist to your traditional Anzac biscuits by drizzling some beautiful melted chocolate on top! These little bikkies are simply irresistible.

    Real Living|

  • 13

    Anzac apple crunch cake

    This apple crunch cake is divine, with moist apples and a crunchy topping that has the classic flavours of Anzac biscuits – oats, coconut and golden syrup. Substitute pears for apples, if you like.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 14

    Anzac cake

    Enjoy the great Australian classic in cake form - enhanced by a delicious honey icing.

    Woman's Day|

  • 15

    Fruity Anzac biscuits

    Dried apricots and cranberries are a fun addition to the classic Anzac biscuit recipe, and these sweet treats couldn't be easier to make!

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