A baker’s guide: The best KitchenAid mixers and accessories for the cook in your life

Splurge on one yourself or buy for the home baker in your life – and be paid back in delicious treats.

Synonymous with the famous stand mixer, KitchenAid has become known for its superior cooking appliances for more than 100 years. Many of us grew up seeing a KitchenAid mixer on the bench at our grandparents or parents’ house and they appeared to be the key reason delicious home baking would appear in our school lunches: think YoYos, ginger kisses and perfect chocolate chip cookies.

Now we know that the delicious results are result is down to the baker, not the tools – but our obsession with the iconic brand lives on.

With a range of colours and exciting extra add-ons to choose from, we’ve hand-picked the KitchenAid New Zealand mixers and accessories at the top of our wishlist for you. Splurge on yourself or treat the cook in your life. You’ll probably get paid back in delicious treats, so win-win.


  1. Bowl Lift Stand Mixer (KSM70), $1099, (here’s why)
  2. Classic Tilt-Head Stand mixer (KSM45), $699, (here’s why)
  3. Artisan Stand Mixer Blossom Design Series 2022 (KSM180), $1149, (here’s why)

The best KitchenAid Stand Mixers


Bowl Lift Stand Mixer (KSM70)

From $1099 (usually $1349) at KitchenAid

Best for: Those cooking for a crowd or baking for a business

We’re beginning by bringing out the big guns. This Artisan mixer holds a whopping 6.6L – that’s 40% more capacity than its siblings. Put it this way: the stainless-steel bowl can hold enough dough to make up to 13 dozen cookies at once. This means it’s ideal for big batch creators who pump out a large volume of baking each day, or those with masses of bench space who want to make a real statement with their stand mixer.

Key features:

  • 6.6L bowl
  • Comes in three colours: Cast Iron Black, Dried Rose Pink and Empire Red
  • 11 speed settings including ½ speed
  • Pair with more than 12 attachments
  • In the box: Wire Whip+ Flex Edge Beater + Flat Beater + Spiral Dough Hook + Pouring Shield


Classic Tilt-Head Stand mixer (KSM45)

$699 (usually $899) from KitchenAid

Best for: Budding home chefs starting their baking journey

Give the budding home baker in your life the right tools for the job with this entry-level KitchenAid maker, set to take their cooking journey to new heights. The perfect introduction to the KitchenAid brand, this do-it-all machine comes in timeless shades of white and black and includes a stainless steel bowl and three accessories. Even if those first few pavlovas or cheesecakes don’t quite work out, the mixer will continue to muscle on.

Key features:

  • 4.3L bowl
  • 10 speed settings
  • In the box: Whisk, Flat Beater, Dough Hook


Artisan Stand Mixer Blossom Design Series 2022 (KSM180)

$1149 (usually $1249) from KitchenAid

Best for: Those for whom form is just as important as function

This stand mixer was featured in the 2022 KitchenAid Design Series and aesthetically still has our hearts. The aromatic herbs and edible flowers used in cooking and baking inspired the thyme-green shade. The hammered copper bowl is designed to age with your kitchen, and in our opinion is simply too beautiful to be shut away in a cupboard.

Key features:

  • 4.7L bowl
  • 10 speed settings
  • Attachment hub pairs with 12 attachments
  • In the box: Pastry Beater, Pastry Beater Scooper, Flat Beater, Whisk, Dough Hook

The best KitchenAid Accessories


3-piece Pasta Roller and Cutter

From $332 (usually $409) from KitchenAid

Best for: Channelling your inner Italian Nonna

There’s just something about fresh homemade pasta. The process of making it is so much more satisfying than simply buying it from the supermarket – and it tastes better in our opinion. Whip up all the fettuccine or lasagne sheets with this three-piece pasta roller and cutter attachment which easily clicks into your KitchenAid tilt-head stand mixer.

It uses stainless steel rollers and cutters to smoothly shape the pasta, and the included cleaning brush makes it easy to remove bits of flour and pasta during cleanup.


Sifter + Scale attachment

$215 (usually $259) from KitchenAid 

Best for: Home bakers set on nailing the perfect sponge 

Good baking is a science that relies on using the exact amount of ingredients, often down to the gram. Make your life easier with this handy Sifter + Scale attachment, which accurately measures, thoroughly sifts and automatically adds ingredients directly to your mixer bowl in just one step.

The digital scale can be used separately as well.


Seven-Blade spiraliser

$233 (down from $259) at KitchenAid

Best for: Healthy cooks wanting to jazz up fruit and veggies

It can’t be cake and cookies all the time (as much as we’d like that to be the case). At some point, we need to incorporate some fresh fruit and vegetables into our diets, and to do that we’re using our KitchenAid multi-purpose spiraliser. Turn zucchini into fresh zoodles or use it to surprise beetroot for a twist on salads. The peeling blade makes peeling apples and potatoes a dream.

How long do KitchenAid mixers usually last?

There’s a reason that one from your childhood is probably still going strong on mum and dad’s bench. KitchenAid mixers are known for their durability — with proper care and maintenance they can last for more than a decade. some people report their mixers lasting 15-20 years or more.

Each mixer comes with a five-year warranty, for peace of mind.

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