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Ginger salmon poke-style bowl with spicy sesame avocado

Nail the trendiest meal of the moment with this ginger salmon poke bowl recipe. Fresh, fast and healthy, this Hawaiian-inspired dish makes a delicious gluten and dairy-free lunch or light dinner
Ginger salmon poke-style bowl with sesame avocado



1.Remove any pin bones then dice the salmon. Combine the mirin, sesame oil, vinegar, ginger and chilli sauce and toss with the salmon. Allow to marinate for at least 15-30 minutes.
2.Combine sesame seeds and shichimi seasoning. Dip avocado wedges into the spicy seed mix to coat the edges.
3.To serve, arrange rice (warm or at room temperature), beans, seaweed mix and red cabbage in bowls. Top with marinated salmon and a wedge of sesame avocado.

Shichimi togarashi is a Japanese spice mix with seven ingredients including red chilli pepper. It’s available from Asian food stores (if you can’t find it, use chilli salt or similar). * Check label if eating gluten-free.


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