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Midweek dinner

Lamb mushroom pies with side of mushy peas

Lamb & mushroom pies with mushy peas

Indulge in these savory lamb & mushroom pies accompanied by creamy mushy peas infused with fresh mint, this dish offers a taste of homey satisfaction. Perfect for a quick and cosy dinner, each bite promises warmth and flavour, reminiscent of classic pub fare.
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Chicken and veggie lattice pie

Chicken and vege lattice pie

Filled with flavour, this lip-smackingly good chicken and vege lattice pie recipe creates a comforting, hearty family meal. It's also a budget-friendly way to make the most of a whole chicken!
Sticky glazed slow-roasted NZ pork

Sticky glazed slow-roasted NZ pork

Jazz up your usual Sunday roast or Christmas dinner with this deliciously sticky Asian spiced pork. It's slow roasted to create a wonderfully tender piece of meat your whole family will love.