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Less than 15 minutes

ANZAC biscuits

Classic ANZAC biscuits

April 25th is, of course, ANZAC Day. Embrace tradition with the kids and whip up a batch of classic cookies in remembrance.
Easy pork and pineapple stir-fry

Easy NZ Pork and pineapple stir-fry

Ready from start-to-finish in just 15 minutes, this NZ Pork stir fry requires just 5 ingredients and is packed with crunchy Chinese cabbage, juicy pineapple and tasty hoisin sauce
Pork larb in lettuce cups

NZ Pork larb in lettuce cups

This NZ Pork larb recipe creates a light, fresh dish that's perfect served in lettuce cups and devoured in one bite. Serve with lime wedges for a stunning light meal or starter