Prawn, kale and chickpea tabbouleh

This prawn, kale and chickpea tabbouleh is such a simple way to power your body with nutrients. With the benefits of burghul, kale and prawns, as well as a zing from the lemon and herbs, this dish has everything you need.
Prawn, kale and chickpea tabbouleh



1.Place burghul and kale in a large, heatproof bowl with 1 cup boiling water; cover and stand for 10 minutes or until soft. Drain if necessary; return to bowl.
2.Add chickpeas, half the prawns, mint, coriander, tomato and spring onion to burghul mixture. Season. Stir to combine, then add lemon juice and oil, tossing gently to mix.
3.Divide tabbouleh among plates and top with the remaining prawns.

Sold in different grades, from fine to medium to coarse, burghul boasts the benefits of a wholegrain, providing a good intake of the minerals manganese, magnesium and iron.


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