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Persimmon salsa with crispy fish

This bright and delicious persimmon salsa recipe makes a great condiment for crispy fish to create a flavoursome midweek meal
Persimmon salsa with crispy fish



1.To make the salsa, combine chopped persimmons, chilli sauce, onion, coriander, and lime juice. Mix and set aside.
2.Add Mexican seasoning and bread crumbs to bowl. Place flour and beaten eggs into separate bowls.
3.Dip each piece of fish in flour, egg, then seasoned crumbs. Heat oil in a frying pan and cook fish until golden and crispy.
4.Mix pomegranate seeds into salsa, then serve with the crispy fish and a sprinkling of sea salt.
  • Considered a delicacy around the world, Kiwis can get persimmons for a surprisingly good price. You can easily pick up sweet Gisborne persimmons at your local supermarket!

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