Quick and Easy

Fried rice with egg roll

It’s hard to go past a really good fried rice. Top with protein-packed egg rolls and you’ve got a complete meal with Nici Wickes's deliciously filling fried rice.
Fried rice with egg roll



1.Heat the oil in large pan or wok to medium-hot. Fry the bacon and spring onion until crispy and golden in places. Add the capsicum and peas, then sauté until cooked.
2.Stir a splash of oil through the cold, cooked rice and toss to coat. Add the rice to the pan and keep it moving as it heats through to piping hot. Season and divide between two serving plates.
3.Wipe the pan clean, lower the temperature and pour in the beaten eggs. Cook until set and flip. When cooked, remove from the pan and roll, then slice. Place on the rice and drizzle on the soy sauce to serve.

Rice is better for you if you cook it, leave to cool in the fridge, then reheat well before eating – it doesn’t elevate blood sugars so dramatically this way.


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