Nadia Lim’s vege pizzas

Homemade pizza is delicious and a much healthier (and yummier) alternative to those from most pizza outlets. Plus, the kids really love to lend a hand making them. These vegetable toppings are always a hit!
Nadia Lim's vege pizzas



1.Place 2 oven trays in the oven and preheat to 220°C.
2.Place each [pizza base](|target=”_blank”) on its own piece of baking paper. Spread 2-3 Tbsp tomato paste over each base, leaving a bit of an edge for the crust.
3.Top with mushroom, courgette, capsicum, red onion and tomato. Sprinkle cheese evenly over top, followed by mixed herbs and pesto.
4.Transfer pizzas (on the baking paper) to preheated trays. Bake for about 15 minutes until crisp and golden around the edges. Swap the trays over halfway through cooking time so that they cook evenly.
5.Slice each pizza into 6-8 pieces and serve.

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