Bespoke Kitchen’s pineapple bounty bars

This sweet snack is so quick and easy to make, and it is packed full of nourishing wholefoods. Perfect to enjoy with a cup of coffee for a delicious and nutritious treat!
Bespoke Kitchen's pineapple bounty bars
12 bars

Recipe kindly shared by the team behind Bespoke Kitchen, Queenstown.

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1.Line a 17×27 cm tin with baking paper. Crush pineapple chunks using a mortar and pestle until it becomes a fine powder.
2.In a large bowl add coconut, pineapple powder, coconut oil, coconut cream maple syrup and salt; fold together until combined and press into tin and wrap with glad wrap. Set in freezer for an hour until firm.
3.Remove coconut from the freezer, unwrap and cut into 12 bars of equal size. Return to freezer.
4.Melt chocolate over a double boiler, or carefully on low in the microwave. Line a tray with baking paper.
5.One by one, place a coconut bar into the chocolate and turn over to coat. Remove with a fork, allowing any excess chocolate to drip back into the bowl, then place on the tray.
6.Decorate with desiccated coconut while still wet before returning to the freezer.

Fresh As freeze-dried pineapple chunks can be found at selected supermarkets and health food stores, or ordered online.


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