Portuguese piri piri chicken

Embark on a flavour journey with our Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken, where succulent butterflied chicken is infused with a fiery piri piri sauce served alongside golden potatoes for a satisfying and vibrant meal that captures the essence of Portuguese cuisine.
Portuguese piri piri chicken




Step 1

Preheat oven to 200°C/180°C fan.


Step 2

Discard seeds from three chillies, then coarsely chop all the chillies. Process with remaining ingredients until well combined. Season well with salt.

Step 3

Prick potatoes all over with a fork; place on a microwave-safe plate or bowl. Microwave on HIGH (100%) for 3 minutes or until potatoes are tender. Coarsely chop potatoes.

Step 4

Meanwhile, rub 1/3 cup of the piri piri sauce over both sides of chicken. Heat oil in a large flame-proof roasting pan over medium-high heat. Cook chicken, skin-side down, for 5 minutes. Turn chicken over. Add potato to pan and cook for a further 5 minutes, turning potato until golden. Transfer pan to oven and roast chicken for 15 minutes or until juices run clear when the thickest part of the thigh is pierced.

Step 5

Place potato and chicken on a platter. Accompany with remaining piri piri sauce and a green salad, if you like.

Not suitable to freeze.

Purchase a ready-to-go butterfly chicken or do it yourself. Use a large, heavy flat-bladed knife or kitchen scissors to cut along each side of the backbone; discard bone. Open chicken out and press down on the breast bone to flatten. You can use other cuts of chicken on the bone, such as wings, cutlets and marylands, if you prefer.

If you and your family are not used to hot and spicy tastes, reduce the amount of chilli in the piri piri sauce, adding only enough to suit your heat tolerance. Removing the seeds and membranes from chillies also lessens the heat level.

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