Mug mud cake pudding

Who doesn’t love a winter pudding to warm up with on a cold night? Cooking for one doesn’t need to be hard either - this mug mud cake pudding is scaled down to suit you, fitting perfectly into one large or two smaller mugs.
Mug mud cake pudding
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Spoiler alert – you will need a microwave for this pudding! I don’t own one, so I popped over to my neighbours’ to borrow theirs for the 2 minutes it takes to cook this decadent dessert. Of course, as a thank you, I left them with a pudding of their own.

– Nici Wickes, NZWW Food Editor



1.Place the butter and brown sugar in a large mug, or divide between two smaller mugs. Heat in a microwave on high to melt – about 15-20 seconds.
2.Mix in the egg and vanilla, whisking with a fork. Stir in the dry ingredients until combined. Add the chocolate chips and milk, stirring until all mixed in.
3.Cook on 50% power for between 2-2½ minutes or until the cake is just cooked.
4.Serve the pudding warm and topped with ice cream.

The uncooked batter ought to come only halfway up the mug, as the cake will rise as it cooks and you want to still have enough room to put in the ice cream to serve.


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