Nici Wickes’ sauerkraut fritters

The goodness of these tasty fritters combined with a feast of seasonal toppings means these can easily pass as a dinner. Plus, who can argue with something that is so good for you?
Nici Wickes' sauerkraut fritters


Suggested toppings


1.Whisk together the chickpea and tapioca flour with salt and enough water to make a smooth batter that is not too thin or too thick. Stir in the sauerkraut and mix well – it will be a chunky mixture. Set aside until ready to cook. It can be left overnight at this stage.
2.Heat 1cm of sunflower oil in a large pan on medium. Add large spoonfuls of the batter, gently smooth the tops, then cook until golden brown and air holes appear on the upper surface, then flip. Add more oil during cooking.
3.Serve the fritters hot with your choice of topping.

Making sure you have adequate fermented food in your diet really does seem to improve gut and bowel health, so give these a try and see if they agree with you!


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