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Dad’s beef and onion cheeseburgers

Nothing beats classic beef and onion cheeseburgers for a filling and delicious weeknight family meal to enjoy with friends or family. SO try Nici's exceptional cheeseburger recipe!
Dad’s beef and onion cheeseburgers


Beef patties


1.Mix the patty ingredients together in a large bowl. Your hands are your best tools for this! Slap the mixture against the sides of the bowl to thicken it up and help it to bind well. Divide into four and shape each into a ball, then flatten to a patty (ideally the same size as your bun). Dust with flour.
2.Fry the patties in a lightly greased pan and cook until well browned and blood appears on the upper side. Flip once and continue cooking until done to your liking – I go for medium. Don’t fiddle with them too much so they will stay intact. When done, place a slice of cheese on each. Have a lid handy, splash a bit of water into the pan, then cover immediately for 30 seconds or so. This will melt the cheese to the patty.
3.Toast the buns, wipe them with mayo and mustard, then build them with the extras according to your taste. Lots of beetroot and gherkins, in my case!

Use your favourite buns or rolls. Brioche buns are my pick for a burger, but feel free to use your favourite ciabatta or wheat bun.


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