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Chinese five-spice prawn cutlets with lemon soy dressing

This fresh recipe sees prawn cutlets coated with Chinese five-spice seasoning, grilled to perfection then served with a lettuce and cucumber salad. Drizzle with lemon soy dressing and enjoy
Five-spice prawn cutlets with lemon soy dressing


Lemon soy dressing


1.Using a small, sharp knife, cut each prawn lengthways down centre, without cutting right through. Open out to lay flat.
2.Preheat a lightly oiled barbecue or char-grill on high. In a medium bowl, combine five-spice, chilli, salt and pepper. Add prawns and toss to coat. Spray prawns with cooking oil spray and cook for 2-3 minutes each side until just cooked through.
3.For the lemon soy dressing: In a small jug, whisk all ingredients together.
4.Toss lettuce, cucumber and coriander. Top with prawns and drizzle with lemon soy dressing.

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