Chicken breast with romesco sauce

The great thing about chicken breast is that it will soak up whatever flavours you throw at it. Here, it’s coated in balsamic vinegar, pan-fried and drizzled in romesco, the classic Spanish roasted red pepper sauce.
Chicken breast with romesco sauce
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Romesco sauce


Romesco sauce

1.Remove the tenderloin from each chicken breast. Coat the breast/s and tenderloins in balsamic vinegar, then pan-fry on a medium heat until cooked through. The tenderloins will need about 6-8 minutes, the breast about 15 minutes. Set aside to rest.
2.Place the sauce ingredients in a blender or food processor and blitz until smooth. Taste and season, as needed, with more salt or cayenne pepper.
3.Slice the rested chicken across the grain, spoon over the sauce and serve with green beans and parsley leaves.

Packed full of protein thanks to the chicken and the almonds in the sauce, this is a filling dish, so you can skip any white carbs like potatoes, rice or pasta. Grab a jar of roasted red peppers next time you visit the supermarket – they’re good value, a great standby and keep for ages.


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