Chocolate hazelnut mug puddings

A decadent treat made with a rich cocoa batter infused with creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread, perfect for satisfying sweet cravings in just minutes
Chocolate hazelnut mug puddings served with chocolate icecream
4 puddings



Step 1

Combine flour, sugar and cocoa in a small bowl. Add eggs, milk and oil, whisking to combine. Pour mixture equally into 4 x 1½-cup (375ml) microwave-safe mugs. (Make sure you use the right-sized mugs or the mixture will overflow.) Drop 1½ tablespoons of chocolate-hazelnut spread into each mug.

Step 2

Microwave on MEDIUM (50%) for 1½ minutes or until cooked but slightly gooey at the bottom. Serve puddings immediately topped with ice cream.
Suitable to freeze.

We used a 900-watt microwave oven. If your microwave oven is a different wattage, you may need to adjust the cooking time of the puddings. Check the manufacturer’s directions to familiarise yourself with your appliance.

You could also serve the puddings topped with chopped toasted hazelnuts.

From the Test Kitchen

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