Broccoli and haloumi fritters

Broccoli and haloumi pair magically in these quick and easy fritters. Try serving with crispy bacon and a poached egg for a low-carb breakfast or light dinner.
Broccoli and haloumi fritters

For Sophie Gray’s best broccoli tips and tricks, go to In season with Food magazine: broccoli.



1.Boil or steam broccoli for 4 minutes until tender but not soggy. Crush broccoli lightly with a masher.
2.Grate the haloumi and place in a bowl. Add the broccoli and half the beaten egg. Mix well, adding remaining egg if needed to form a dropping consistency.
3.Heat the oil in a frying pan and place tablespoons of the mixture into the pan, shaping the fritters gently with the tip of a spatula until they retain their shape. Cook until browned on the bottom, turn gently, and cook on the other side.
4.Remove to a kitchen towel and continue cooking until all the batter is used. Serve warm with the sweet chilli sauce.

The wetness of the mixture can vary depending on the size of the broccoli – we used a medium-sized one. A looser mixture will simply produce thinner fritters, which require a little more attention as you cook them until they set.


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