Cheese and bacon scones

This cheese and bacon scone recipe takes this Kiwi staple to delicious new heights. Serve slathered with plenty of butter with your morning or afternoon cuppa
Cheese and bacon scones

This recipe first appeared in Food magazine.

It’s a fact – Kiwis love a good scone. Whether you’re a fan of a sweet or savoury version, the options are endless when it comes to creating your favourite flavour combo. This cheese and bacon scone recipe is sure to delight your savoury tastebuds and makes for a great morning or afternoon tea or if you’re like us – toast up the leftovers (if you have them) the next day and load them up with spaghetti and even more cheese!

If cheese and bacon isn’t your thing or if you’re vegetarian, try these deliciously comforting pumpkin and parmesan scones. And if you’re looking for your next favourite sweet scone, try these golden, fluffy blueberry buttermilk scones.

And don’t forget one of the key steps to make a perfectly light and fluffy scone – try not to overmix – click through to see this step-by-step classic scone recipe and you’ll be a scone-making machine in no time.




Preheat the oven to 200°C. Grease a baking tray with butter and dust it with the extra flour, or line the tray with baking paper.


In a bowl, gently combine the cheese and bacon with the flour, salt and cayenne pepper. Slowly add the milk (do not add it all at once) and gently mix the dough with a loose hand.


When the mixture is just combined, tip it out onto a floured bench and gently bring it together. The trick is to not over-mix the dough, or the scones will be tough.


Place handfuls of the dough onto the prepared oven tray and sprinkle over the extra cheese. Bake the scones in the preheated oven for up to 20 minutes, or until they are very golden.


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