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Celebrate Matariki with some delicious kai

Sharing in a meal is the perfect way to celebrate Matariki with your family and friends

Matariki is a time to come together and reflect, contemplate and celebrate, and kai is a big part of the celebrations.

Two of the stars in the Matariki cluster represent food. The star Tupuānuku means to grow in the ground, Tipuārangi is linked to birds and other elevated foods such as fruits and berries from trees and Waitī is associated with all freshwater bodies and the food sources that are sustained by those waters while Waitā is associated with the ocean and all life within this domain.

Though Stacey Morrison, the host of Mānawatia a Matariki told Woman’s Day, “really the act of coming together and eating together is the biggest part of it.”

Creamy mussel pot
April 5, 2019

Creamy mussel pot

This creamy mussel dish is incredibly simple to make, and can be on the table in under 30 minutes. That’s not to mention how delicious it is, and all that omega-3 and protein will give your health a fantastic boost!
By Nici Wickes
Mussel fritters
July 13, 2022

Classic mussel fritters

Nici Wickes’ delicious mussel fritters recipe is incredibly easy to make and fantastic served with lemon wedges and a herby, creamy mayo sauce. Enjoy for a tasty lunch with friends and family
By Nici Wickes
roast lamb with mint jelly
June 29, 2012

Roast lamb with mint jelly

Instead of using gelatine, you can substitute Jamsetta, available from supermarkets. It is powdered pectin and will allow the sauce to form a light gel. Note
By Woman's Weekly Food
Paua fritters
February 2, 2016

Pāua fritters

As kids, we were spoiled with these Pāua fritters! Friends of Mum and Dad always used to drop off pāua and now I crave them, so I love getting my hands on some when I can. I have changed my usual recipe a little, with inspiration from my chef brother, by adding some herbs and zest. These are fantastic!
By Woman's Weekly Food
Roast pork belly and plums
Quick and Easy
February 26, 2017

Roast pork belly and plums

Nici Wickes’ roast pork belly and plums recipe could be the ultimate no-fuss dinner. The belly goes into the oven to roast and the plums are added near the end of cooking. The fruit’s softness and tartness are the perfect foil to the blistered crackling and fattiness of the juicy pork
By Nici Wickes

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