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5 must-know hacks to cheat your way to a better burger

If there's one thing we Kiwis love, it’s a good burger! We’ve put together five of the best tips to ensure your next burger night is the most delicious one yet.

1 Rule of thumb

Turns out you walk around with the key to creating perfect patties with you all day. Use your thumb to create an indent in the top of your burger patties when you are shaping them. This small trick will make a huge difference when it comes to retaining all the juices and flavours. Instead of losing them down the sides, they’ll gather at the top of your patty.

2 Pay attention to the temperature

Hot grill + cold patties = good burgers! By keeping patties (be it beef, lamb, chicken or pork) cold in the fridge right up until you cook them, you ensure they stay firmly together. Use a meat thermometer if possible to ensure everything is safely cooked.

Try pairing your next chicken burger with Maison Therese’s piccalilli

3 Think about your flavour combos

While it can be fun to embrace your inner chef and go crazy creating, it’s also important to consider whether what you’re serving your guests actually works. There are a few tried-and-true flavour combos that are good to have up your sleeve. Making salmon burgers? Team them with beetroot relish. Going for classic beef? Balsamic onion relish is going to work a treat. Trying something new with crispy panko chicken? Piccalilli is a fail-safe option.

Maison Therese have a go-to-guide that explains what dishes and ingredients work well with all their products, so you can easily plan out your next creation.

4 It’s all about the condiments

The devil is in the details! If you haven’t given much thought to the finishing touches for your burger, you’re going to taste it. By investing in quality pickles, relishes and chutneys, it’s easy to take your next burger to a whole new level.

Go for brands like Maison Therese that don’t use any nasty added preservatives or colours, so you know you’re getting as close to homemade as possible (minus the hard work). It’s also a bonus that their preserves are gluten and dairy-free – so anyone that comes to burger night can enjoy them.

Maison Therese’s beetroot relish and salmon are a match made in heaven.

5 Protect your buns

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as biting into a burger and finding it slowly morph into a soggy, hard-to-scoff mess. In order to keep the structural integrity of your bun, be sure to toast it, spread each side with butter or mayo and pop a piece of lettuce on the bottom bun and add a slice of cheese to the top bun. These steps are a good way to create a barrier between all those juicy juices.

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