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Produce Guide: What’s in season this September

Enjoy the freshest, cheapest and most nutritious fruit and vegetables this month, thanks to our helpful produce guide. Find out what is in season this September, and what recipes will bring out the best in each seasonal star.
Avocado with chilli, prawns and lime mayonnaise

1. Pomegranate

These ruby-red seeds make a wonderful snack or juice, but the real magic comes when you add their juicy, tangy pop to whatever you’re whipping up in the kitchen! This moist and zingy orange cake is always a winner, with the pomegranate seeds and syrup making a gorgeous topping, and our pomegranate and frozen yoghurt cheesecakes are perfect for serving up a simple but delicious dessert. This haloumi side dish is given fantastic flavour with the addition of pomegranate and basil, or you could go full gourmet with our incredible lamb salad with pomegranate and walnuts.

Orange and pomegranate cake

2. Asparagus

Earthy and bitter asparagus is back for another season this September, and we couldn’t be more excited! Not only do they look great, but these spears also add so much flavour and texture to salads, pasta and quiches. Try this barbecued panzanella salad for a bright start to spring, or our dreamy chicken and asparagus pasta as a flavoursome midweek dinner. This salmon and asparagus quiche is full of rich flavour and nutritious ingredients, or opt for pure comfort food with our cheesy asparagus quiche recipe.

Chicken and asparagus pasta

3. Avocado

Avo lovers, rejoice! These all-time favourites are back in numbers, ready to be incorporated into anything and everything you eat. Of course, the classic smashed avocado on toast will never get old, nor will a fun and flavoursome guacamole. If you want to mix things up this month, why not try our recipe for avocados filled with chilli-spiked prawns, drizzled with a tangy lime mayo? Or you could experiment on the sweeter side of life with this heavenly sugar-free avocado and lime mousse slice, which is as delicious as it is colourful.

Chia and tomato guacamole with sumac crisps

4. Tangelo

This intensely citrusy and softly sweet fruit is made for enjoying in gorgeous desserts. Our tangelo creme caramels are perfect as a light and delicate dessert, and this whole tangelo cake is moist, fruity and delicious. For something a little more special, treat yourself with this divine tangelo tart, which is beautifully decorated with candied blood oranges. Or try a uniquely flavoursome salad with our mixed tomato and tangelo recipe – it’s an incredible combo of sweet, sharp, spicy, fragrant and fruity!

Tangelo tart with candied blood oranges

5. Witloof

Witloof may not be a regular on your shopping list yet but we think it’s time the slightly bitter and nutty vegetable is given the attention it deserves. This tasty spring produce is fantastic served raw, like in this lively witloof, blue cheese and prosciutto salad, but it really levels up when lightly braised. Try it with golden beetroot, pine nuts and orange in this zingy side dish, or experience the full flavour sensation by cooking it with white wine, garlic and lemon.

Witloof in the pan

6. Dill

Aromatic and colourful with a slightly anise-like flavour, dill can really brighten your dishes this September. Typically paired with salmon, like in this delicious tarragon and dill-crusted salmon recipe, the herb is fantastic when added to all sorts of seafood dishes, from this prawn omelette to our creamy and zesty prawn pasta. You could also branch out with this lemon and dill chicken casserole or whip up a delectable side dish with these dill and lemon potatoes.

Tarragon and dill-crusted salmon

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