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Start your day the right way with Countdown

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to fuel your mind and your body, and we are here to brighten up your morning routine with these creative breakfast ideas!

We've teamed up with Countdown to make breakfast time easy. Many of us have busy mornings; whether getting to work on time, dropping the kids off at school, or exercising, we all need the right nutrients to kick-start our day and these recipes will do exactly that.
  • 1

    Chia breakfast pudding with roasted rhubarb

    If you're unfamiliar with chia seeds, this recipe is for you. Pair it with roasted fruit, some yoghurt and toasted coconut or nuts and you have a great start to your day!

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  • 3

    Eggy ham and cheese tarts

    This delicious eggy ham and cheese tart recipe creates the perfect low carb snack. Serve with chutney or pesto or pop in lunchboxes for a tasty bite for kids and adults on the go

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  • 4

    Make-at-work microwave scrambled eggs on toast

    Make your next meal at work a little more exciting with this microwave scrambled eggs recipe. A must-know for anyone in an office, this budget-friendly lunch is perfect served on toast with avocado

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  • 5

    Almond, apple and goji berry muesli

    Start your day the right way with the deliciously healthy and nutty super muesli, packed full of whole grains and antioxidants.

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  • 7

    Soothing sunshine breakfast bowl

    This wholesome breakfast bowl recipe combines oats, banana, ginger and dates for a bright start to the day. Plus, it gets its sunshine yellow hue from the anti-inflammatory spice turmeric

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  • 8

    Peanut butter, chocolate and banana overnight oats

    Peanut butter and chocolate for breakfast? Yes please! This overnight oats recipe is the perfect way to start the day. Serve topped with banana for a hearty breakfast that's just a little bit indulgent

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  • 9

    Breakfast omelette

    Packed full of goodness and delicious flavours, this sausage and cheese omelette is a hearty breakfast that is sure to set your day off to a good start.

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  • 10

    Bacon and egg breakfast tacos

    Don't wait 'til dinner time to indulge in this Mexican favourite! This breakfast taco recipe is perfect when you've got weekend brunch guests. Try serving with hot sauce if you like an extra kick

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  • 11

    Homemade hash browns with salmon and avocado

    Rich and lemony in flavour, Nici Wickes' hash browns may look like a light breakfast, but they're full of goodness as there’s omega-3 in both the salmon and avocado. The perfect breakfast recipe!

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  • 12

    Almond and custard waffles

    Looking for an indulgent breakfast for weekends or a perfect sweet brunch option? These almond and custard waffles are delicious and will leave you completely satisfied.

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  • 13

    Smashed avocado and edamame on toast

    Add some oomph to avocado on toast with this delicious recipe. In a twist on the classic combo, edamame, avo, lemon and chilli are mashed and spread on grainy toast. Enjoy for breakfast, brunch or a hearty snack

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  • 14

    Magical gluten-free banana pancakes with crispy bacon

    Nici Wickes' banana pancakes are like a magic trick – so few ingredients, no dairy or flour and yet they turn into fluffy, creamy pancakes that are divine. Try this recipe for the perfect breakfast

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  • 15

    Fluffy rocket and feta scones

    These scones really pack a punch with rocket and a double dose of cheese – feta in the scones and cheddar on the top. Slathered in butter, a warm scone is true comfort food, right?

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  • 17

    Baked eggs with beans

    Jazz up breakfast time with these saucy cafe-style baked eggs, complete with smokey ham, hearty beans and a rich tomato and capsicum sauce.

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  • 18

    Fancy mince on toast with chilli, onions and egg

    Hearty and delicious, Nici Wickes' mince on toast recipe is a great start to the day. It's made that little bit more fancy than your classic version with chilli, onions and a perfectly fried egg

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