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Vege parcels with sundried tomato pesto and feta

Get your 5+ a day with these delightful vege parcels! Combining colourful vegetables with the delicious flavours of feta and sundried tomato pesto, this recipe will be a summertime hit.
Vege parcels with sundried tomato pesto and feta



1.Slice the eggplant and courgette into 5mm rounds, toss in a little oil and sear on the barbecue or grill for a few minutes until tender and coloured.
2.Cut 6 small sheets (about 20cm square) of tinfoil and top each with a matching sheet of baking paper. Divide the eggplant, courgette, diced capsicum and asparagus evenly between the baking paper parcels and top with feta and a dollop of sundried tomato pesto. Gather up into parcels and barbecue or oven-bake at 190°C for 10 minutes until hot.
3.Garnish with baby basil leaves and cracked pepper.

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