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The Backyard Cook’s smash burgers

The beauty of these burgers is that they are super-fast, super-tasty and super-simple. The name ‘Smash Burger’ comes from the technique of smashing the ball of mince into a screaming hot cast iron pan or onto a hot plate, allowing the patties to crisp up beautifully.
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Videographer: Melissa Tapper

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1.Season the mince with salt. Divide it into four portions and roll each one into an evenly shaped ball and set aside.
2.Preheat a cast iron pan or BBQ hot plate until screaming hot.
3.Using the heaviest flat spatula you have (not the ones with holes or gaps in them), place each ball of mince onto the hot plate and smash it (push down firmly) until evenly flat.
4.Cook for 1 minute, flip and cook for another minute, then top with a slice of Cheddar for the last 20 seconds. Remove and allow to rest.
5.To assemble each burger, smear the bottom bun with mayonnaise, add the smashed Cheddar-topped pattie followed by some pickles, then shredded lettuce (shrettuce) and the top of the bun – then dive in.

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