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Pork and peach barbecue skewers

Add a splash of colour to your grill this barbecue season with these flavoursome pork and peach skewers. Tender, tasty and so simple to make, you'll love bringing this to your next potluck.
Pork and peach barbecue skewers
8 good-sized skewers



1.Preheat the oven to 180°C and preheat a barbecue grill (or have a grill pan to hand).
2.Thread the pork onto metal skewers, alternating with pieces of peach, onion and capsicum, and adding a few small sprigs of rosemary between the layers.
3.Combine teriyaki sauce and lemon or lime juice and brush over the kebabs.
4.Sear kebabs on barbecue (or in grill pan) until coloured on all sides, then transfer to the oven (in a roasting dish) and cook for 5-8 minutes until pork is cooked through. Alternatively, reduce the heat on the barbecue after searing and grill for a further 5-8 minutes until cooked. Serve scattered with cashews.

*Check label if eating gluten free


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