How to make beeswax food wraps

Looking for an achievable way to reduce plastics in the kitchen? Beeswax food wraps are a sustainable, reusable alternative to plastic food wrap. Made from non-toxic natural ingredients and cotton fabric, they are also super durable and fun to make. Sophie Gray runs us through her simple step-by-step process. So get your DIY hat on and be a busy bee!
How to make your own beeswax wraps

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This method makes two kinds of beeswax wrap: a coated one suitable for making pouches, wrapping platters and folding around larger items, and a sticky one for covering bowls and wrapping blocks of cheese, bacon, etc.

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1.Place the pine rosin in a plastic bag and crush with a hammer or a mortar and pestle.
2.Shut windows and doors – bees are attracted to the smell of melting beeswax and will travel kilometres to investigate.
3.Fill the saucepan with water and bring to a simmer. Place the wax, crushed rosin and coconut oil in the jug, place in the simmering pan and melt the ingredients, stirring frequently – it will take around 20 minutes.
4.Cover the bench with a thick layer of newspaper and cover with non-stick baking paper, forming a work area larger than your fabric pieces. Plug the iron in near the work area.
5.Place fabric square on top of the baking paper and brush lightly with wax mixture. Fold the baking paper over the top and use the iron to press and spread the wax evenly. You will be able to see through the baking paper so you can squeeze the wax with the iron directing it to the edges.
6.Lift the top sheet of baking paper and peel the wrap off, then hang to dry. If you have too thick a coating layer another piece of fabric over the first, cover both with baking paper and iron over the top. The top piece will absorb excess from the bottom piece.
7.To make sticky wraps, take one of your coated wraps, lay on the prepared surface and lightly dust with crushed pine rosin. Cover with baking paper and iron over the top to evenly melt and coat the fabric.
8.To wash soiled wraps clean them gently with soapy cold water.

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