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Risotto with seafood and saffron

Create a deliciously authentic Italian meal in less than an hour with this mouth-watering seafood and saffron risotto recipe! Packed with fish, prawns, clams and squid, this dish is a must-try for seafood lovers.
Risotto with seafood and saffron



1.In a large saucepan heat stock, saffron, garlic, roughly chopped onion and parsley stalks to a simmer. Add fish and simmer for 2-3 minutes then remove fish with slotted spoon and set aside; repeat with prawns and then squid, cooking each until just tender then removing.
2.Steam cockles in a little water until they open (discard any that don’t open).
3.Strain the hot stock and set aside; you should have at least 1 litre.
4.Heat butter in a large, heavy-based pot or deep frying pan on low heat, add diced onion and sweat for a few minutes until soft and fragrant but not coloured. Add rice, turn up heat a bit and cook for a few minutes until lightly toasted. Add wine and let it evaporate off.
5.Add ½ cup hot stock and stir until absorbed; repeat with another ½ cup, and so on. After 15-20 minutes the rice should be al dente and most of the stock used up. Stir in parmesan and check seasoning; the risotto should be very moist and have a little liquid around it. Add cooked seafood and fold through; add a squeeze of lemon if needed. Serve in shallow bowls, sprinkled with lemon zest, parsley and a grind of pepper.

*Check label if eating gluten free


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