Venison platter with hummus and green salsa

This platter is a great way to enjoy quality, lean venison as a starter or with other barbecue meats and salads. The salsa is packed with herbs and the hummus adds a lovely creaminess, creating a dish bursting with flavours and texture.
Venison with hummus and green salsa
4 - 6


Green salsa


1.Brush the venison and mushrooms with oil. Season.
2.Heat the barbecue plate to medium-hot and fry the venison steaks for 3 minutes on each side. Rest the meat while the mushrooms cook.
3.Make the salsa by combining all of the ingredients in a bowl. Leave to sit for 15 minutes, then taste, adjusting the seasoning as needed.
4.To serve, spoon the hummus onto a flat plate. Top with pieces of sliced venison, cooked mushrooms, radish and chopped almonds. Drizzle the green salsa over top and serve more of this on the side with slices of ciabatta bread.

Makes about 1 cup of salsa.


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