Chickpea, apple and quinoa vegetarian burgers

This Nici Wickes recipe makes it easy to nail vegetarian burgers from scratch. The apple keeps these chickpea and quinoa patties moist as well as adding a wonderful tart-sweet flavour. Serve with salad and brioche buns
Chickpea, apple and quinoa vegetarian burgers



1.Mash the chickpeas with a fork to a chunky mix. Add the apple, quinoa, egg, lemon zest, spices and seasoning. Mix well to combine – try using your hands (that’s what works best).
2.Shape into 4 large balls, roll in flour, then flatten to patties. Chill for 30 minutes.
3.Prepare the filling – lettuce, red onion, cucumber – and make the dressing by whisking together the sour cream, capers and lemon juice.
4.Heat oil and fry the patties until dark golden and heated through. Keep warm until ready to serve.
5.Split the buns and cook face-down in a frying pan until charred in places.
6.Assemble the burgers with the hot patties, vegetables and a drizzle of sauce.

If you’re gluten-free, use wraps and make rolls instead of burgers. Eating legumes on a regular basis (once per week at least) provides us with a great source of meat-free protein. Chickpeas are a healthy source of dietary fibre, folate and manganese (good for regulating blood sugars and maintaing good brain and bone health), so start with this easy recipe idea.


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