Berry pie sandwich

A gorgeous mix between a slice and a sandwich, this sweet treat combines golden and crispy homemade pastry with a bubbling and jammy berry filling. It's perfect eaten cold for morning or afternoon tea!
Berry pie sandwich
30 cm tray
1H 20M


Nici's go-to flaky pastry


1.In a large bowl, mix together the berries, sugar, cornflour, lemon juice and salt. Stir to combine, then set aside until the berries thaw.
2.Heat oven to 180ºC. Line a large sheet pan/shallow oven tray with baking paper.
3.Halve your chilled pastry. Roll out one piece on a lightly-floured surface to a large rectangle and fit it to your prepared sheet pan/oven tray, leaving a little to overhang.
4.Spoon in the berry filling, including any juices as this will thicken with the cornflour as it cooks. Roll out a second piece of pastry and drape it over the filling. Dampen the edges with egg wash, then fold and press the edges together to seal. Prick the top all over, then brush with egg wash. Bake for 40-50 minutes or until it’s very golden and the filling is bubbling and jammy.
5.Leave to settle for 5 minutes, then slide it out to cool on a wire rack (the baking paper helps here). Cut into large tiles and enjoy!

Nici’s go-to flaky pastry

6.Combine the flour and salt in a large mixing bowl. Sprinkle over some butter cubes and rub them in by hand – take your time and have some patience – until they’re evenly distributed and about the size of peas.
7.Drizzle in half of the ice-cold water and work quickly with a knife to mix it in. Keep drizzling the water and mixing it in – you’ll probably need most of it, but not all. Mix together until it resembles a claggy mess (avoid adding too much water, you don’t want it wet). Deftly mix with your hands, gathering any stray bits from the bowl. Dust your bench with flour and briefly knead the pastry. Flatten to a disc, then wrap and chill for 30 minutes or until ready to use.

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