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10 clever ways to cook with cheaper cuts of meat

Budget-friendly cuts of meat are seriously underrated! Be kind on your pocket and dig into our delicious recipe ideas for gravy beef, chuck steak, chicken drumsticks, lamb neck, mince and even offal.

Discover how to perfectly brown meat for these dishes by watching our easy how-to video.

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As the weathre cools and the price of groceries are still high, now is the perfect time to get the slow-cooker and casserole dishes out and try some of these delicious, hearty meal ideas – all using cheaper cuts of meat which makes for a budget-friendly solution to feed the family.

Crumbed chicken livers
September 24, 2015

Crumbed chicken livers

This is my version of the French classic, chicken liver salad. Here I encase the livers in a golden crumb and serve them in lettuce cups with a wedge of lemon. Delicious. Photography by Todd Eyre.
By Woman's Weekly Food

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