8 vegetable cake recipes that prove veges belong in baking

Getting your 5+ a day has never been so delicious. From hidden parsnip and beetroot to courgette and pumpkin, these vegetable cake recipes show just how tasty it is to add veges to your baking.

1 Courgette cake

Chocolate and courgette, who would’ve thought? This tender courgette fudge cake recipe has a good chocolate flavour, there’s no hint of the courgettes. They just help keep the cake moist, while adding some nutritional goodness

Veges get decadent in this courgette fudge cake recipe.

2 Parsnip cake

Celebrate one of the most underutilised root vegetables with this divine parsnip golden syrup cake with lemon cream cheese icing. This simple cake can be whipped up in a flash and you can adjust the recipe to suit whatever veges you have on hand – carrots, courgettes, even beetroot.

Celebrate parsnips in this parsnip golden syrup cake recipe.

3 Beetroot cake

Beetroot lends a beautiful moistness and richness to baking, not to mention a dose of delicious nutrients. Discover how good it can be in this rich chocolate and beetroot cake recipe, which also happens to be gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free.

This rich chocolate and beetroot cake recipe may just qualify as healthy.

4 Carrot cake

This combination is a no-brainer. Sweet carrot was made for baking, especially in a classic carrot cake. Special occasions, afternoon tea or just because – carrot cake is a universal hit.

Nothing beats carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

5 Rhubarb cake

It’s no secret that rhubarb is one vegetable that was born to star in desserts. Its tart yet sweet flavour works a treat in crumbles, muffins, puddings and this stunning rhubarb custard cake.

Rhubarb stuns in this rhubarb custard cake.

6 Kumara cake

Creamy kumara works a treat in this kumara cake recipe. Packed with nuts, spices, fruit and smothered in orange frosting, this sweet treat is like carrot cake’s exotic cousin.

If you’ve never tried kumara cake, this recipe is worth a try.

Potato cake

What can’t this magical vegetable do? As well as making our lives better in mash, fries and salad, potato also makes this chocolate cake decadently moist and delicious.

Combine your two favourite guilty pleasures in this potato chocolate cake.

Pumpkin cake

We’ve all heard of pumpkin pie, but pumpkin cake?! Trust us, this upside-down pumpkin cake is delicious with its caramel pecan topping served with lashings of custard.

Dig into this upside-down pumpkin cake

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