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Discover the secret weapon ingredient that chefs use

Chances are that some of the most delicious savoury dishes you have enjoyed when dining out have included this secret weapon ingredient - anchovies!

With a salty savoury flavour, anchovies add a unique flavour to recipes. When they are heated within a sauce, anchovies melt away to provide a rich savoury base that makes other ingredients taste better. This is why anchovies are loved by chefs and good cooks all around the world and the reason they should be on your next shopping list!

Our favourite anchovy brand

Anchovies are a tiny silver fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contain an impressive list of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A and E, potassium, selenium, iron and calcium for healthy bones. This nutritious ingredient is in many Asian and Mediterranean recipes like this tasty tapenade, which is perfect on crusty bread or as a dip. Succulent and meaty, our favourite brand of anchovy is Lorea which comes from Spain. Lorea anchovies are produced by Yurrita & Sons, a family business founded in 1867. Having just celebrated their 150 year anniversary, Yurrita & Sons are highly regarded as producing some of the best anchovies in the world. Selecting only the freshest anchovies, every anchovy is cut, cleaned and packed by hand, guaranteeing the highest standard quality. They are now packed in convenient reclosable glass jars in delicious olive oil, so look out for them in the supermarket.

Anchovies create a hearty base for this Sicilian meatballs in spicy tomato sauce

Use anchovies like a pro

Anchovies make meat taste even better; this is because anchovies contain glutamic and inosinic acid which helps create that wonderful savoury flavour. So don’t leave out the anchovy element of this amazing Osso Buco, as you’ll miss out on the secret weapon that makes this recipe the ultimate winter comfort food! Or for a delicious southern Italian classic, why not try this oh-so-easy pasta puttanesca? With its rich and salty sauce of anchovies, tomato and olives it’s sure to become a weekly family favourite.

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