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Feijoa colada

Fresh, fruity and wonderfully light, this delicious feijoa colada recipe is the perfect Autumn treat to sit down and relax with
Feijoa colada



1.Remove flesh from feijoas, place in a blender and purée. Add pineapple juice, rum, sugar and coconut cream
2.Blend, add ½ cup crushed ice and then blend again.
3.Pour into chilled glasses filled with extra crushed ice. Garnish with fruit, straws and swizzle sticks, if desired, and serve.

PER SERVE Energy 189kcal, 793kj • Protein 1g • Total Fat 9.7g • Saturated Fat 8.6g • Carbohydrate 11.5g • Fibre 1.4g • Sodium 10mg • Sugar 11.4g – Colada-style drinks separate on standing, so rather than making a jugful to serve like punch, they’re best made in small batches and drunk immediately. – Part of the fun of cocktails is the garnish, so why not go to town with umbrellas and a variety of fruit? The more show-stopping the decoration, the better.


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