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Easy Boston baked beans with chorizo

Nici Wickes' Boston baked bean recipe is so easy to make and spiking them with chorizo, instead of the traditional bacon, makes them a taste sensation. Enjoy as a tasty family breakfast or brunch
Boston beans with chorizo



1.In a medium saucepan, sauté the onions in oil until softened. Add the chorizo and cook until they begin to release their fat. Pour in the beans and tomatoes, then season with the paprika, chilli, salt and pepper.
2.Simmer the beans for 30 minutes to let the flavour marry and deepen in richness.
3.Garnish with the grated cheese and parsley, and serve with buttered toast. Yum!
  • Serves 4-6. – These beans can be cooked the night before and reheated when ready to serve – just don’t over-stir or they will turn to mush.

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