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Chargrilled asparagus with mustard crème

Here is a delicious plateful of summer to freshen up your Christmas table. This chargrilled asparagus dish with mustard crème is delightfully zingy - a festive side everyone will love.
Chargrilled asparagus with mustard crème



1.Cut or snap the woody ends of each asparagus stem then place in a shallow dish. Pour over enough boiling water to cover. Let them stand until the water is nearly cooled, and then drain.
2.Mix the crème fraîche with the mustard, lemon zest, juice and a splash of the oil. Season with salt and pepper and taste it. Does it need more of either? Maybe more lemon or mustard? Go for it!
3.Get a pan hot. Toss the spears in the remaining oil to coat, add to the pan, cooking until blistered and browned in places.
4.Spoon the crème fraîche onto a large serving plate and pile the cooked asparagus on top, sprinkling over the toasted almonds. Serve with a cheeky cheek of lemon.

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