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8 edible homemade Mother’s Day gifts

It doesn’t get much more thoughtful than a homemade Mother’s Day gift. Wonderfully personal and kind on your pocket, edible presents are a great option. Make Mum’s day with these delicious ideas including homemade tea mix, muesli and infused oils.

1. Bake a batch of biscuits

Mum’s seen a fair few chocolate chip bikkies in her time, so why not treat her something a little more special? These simple, moreish cheddar biscuits are the perfect addition to a cheese platter, while these chocolate chunk and raspberry cookies scream decadence. Wrap in cellophane and tie with ribbon for a gorgeous gift.

Treat Mum with these indulgent chocolate chunk cookies.

2. Create a custom tea mix

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a batch of homemade tea mix. Mum will thank you for this chai mix – it’s gently spiced and so comforting on cooler days. Place the mix in an airtight jar and include a handwritten note with brewing instructions. She’ll love it.

This homemade chai tea mix makes a great gift.

3. Roll some truffles

They’re sweet, simple and just the right size for popping in your mouth. Truffles are the perfect gift for a reason! Make an extra special batch for Mother’s Day – experiment with exciting flavours like these salted caramel truffles or these white chocolate and passionfruit coconut truffles. Pop in a pretty box and keep in the fridge until it’s time to share.

These white chocolate and passionfruit coconut truffles are sure to impress Mum.

4. Whip up a jar of lemon curd

Add a dollop of sunshine to Mum’s day with lush, bright lemon curd. This simple spread is perfect for dressing up cakes, tarts and desserts or enjoying with scones or toast. If you want to create something extra special, try this apple lemon curd or this passionfruit curd.

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5. Make your own muesli

Make Mum’s morning that much easier (and more delicious) by making her a jar or two of homemade muesli. We love this almond, apple and goji berry number and this easy maple and pistachio version. Both are refined sugar-free and packed with healthy goodies. Accompany with a bottle of premium milk or nut milk for a thoughtful touch.

Mum will thank you for her very own muesli blend.

6. Create a winning fruit paste

If your Mum loves a fully loaded cheese platter, she’ll really appreciate a good fruit paste. Try making this gorgeous feijoa and apple paste or this beautifully rosy quince paste. Try wrapping in baking paper and adding to a hamper with her favourite antipasto ingredients.

Homemade fruit paste is a thoughtful (and delicious) gift.

7. Experiment with infused oils

Infused oils are so easy to create and can be nailed by even complete kitchen novices. Not only do they look beautiful, they add a great zing to cooking and salad dressings. Try making your own with fresh herbs, chilli, garlic or citrus peel.

It’s easy to make your own infused oils.

8 Share a special hot chocolate

This one’s for the chocoholics. Ensure Mum’s pantry is always stocked with the ingredients for a warming hot chocolate with this beautiful spicy hot cocoa mix. It has a gingery, chilli-spiked flavour you just can’t find in store-bought mixtures. Pair with a new mug for a truly sweet touch.

Try homemade hot chocolate mix for a sweet present.

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