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How to create an impressive summer entertaining platter

With the social season in full swing, these easy but impressive platter styles are a saviour when entertaining guests.

Entertaining tips

When styling your table, think natural and organic rather than new and shiny.

Mix antique pieces with natural wood and textured linen.

Adopting a natural palette rather than bright colours creates an earthy aesthetic and allows the food to be star of the show.

Don’t try to present a ‘perfect’ platter. Placing food in freeform piles and shapes creates an easy yet impressive rustic charm.

Vary heights on your platters to add visual interest – put appropriate products in small bowls, oil dispensers and jars for 3D impact.

See tasting notes for each platter below.

Photography by Jani Shepherd. Concept and styling by Fiona Hugues. Gatherum Collectif.

French Inspired – Cracked Pepper & Rock Salt Flatbread by Huntley & Palmers accompanies soft French cheeses such as brie and camembert, artisan butter, muscatel raisins or figs, fresh fruit, parma ham and cornichons.

Italian inspired – Complement Mixed Herbs Flatbread with salami, parmesan, olives, roasted vine tomatoes, artichokes, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Ocean inspiration – Celebrate seafood flavours with a mix of Cracked Pepper & Rock Salt, and Toasted Sesame Flatbreads. Add a side of smoked salmon, crème fraîche, smoked mussels, oysters, lemon wedges and dill.

Middle Eastern inspiration – Pair Toasted Sesame Flatbread by Huntley & Palmers with sumac-sprinkled hummus, grilled aubergine, dukkah, stuffed peppers, dates and olive oil.

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