Raspberry and white chocolate tiramisu

This raspberry and white chocolate tiramisu is extremely easy to put together as it’s an assembly job, as opposed to cooking. The flavours are heavenly too - the perfect dessert treat!
Raspberry and white chocolate tiramisu



1.To start, make a hot chocolate by dissolving the cocoa and sugar in boiling water. Cool.
2.Whisk the mascarpone, caster sugar and marsala until smooth. Spread a thin layer across the base of a shallow ceramic dish.
3.Dip each sponge finger briefly in the liquid cocoa,then layer these into the dish, creating a single layer. Use a spatula to spread over half of the remaining mascarpone mixture, then spoon over half of the raspberries. Arrange another layer of sponge fingers followed by the remaining mascarpone and raspberries. Spoon over whipped cream. Chill for at least one hour (see note).
4.Just before serving, garnish with raspberry powder and white chocolate.

• This dessert is an easy one to make the day before Christmas. It even improves with age! • If you’re using fresh raspberries, squish slightly to bring out their juice.


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