Christmas cake brownie pops

These Christmas cake brownie pops make great little presents for teachers or neighbours and can be wrapped and tied with pretty ribbon. Or keep them for a special treat on Christmas day!
Christmas cake brownie pops



1.In the food processor, combine Christmas cake and brownie and pulse until mixture forms fine crumbs. Add the rum, brandy or orange juice and whizz until the mixture forms a ball. Transfer to a bowl and knead together. Roll the mixture into small balls, about the size of a 50c piece, and chill for 10 minutes.
2.Melt about a quarter of the white chocolate in a mug or small jug. Dip the end of each lolly stick into the chocolate, then insert about halfway into a cake ball. Return to the fridge and chill for a further 10 minutes.
3.Place coconut and crushed candy cane in separate shallow bowls. Melt the remaining chocolate in the same jug until runny. Dip each pop into chocolate to completely cover, allow excess to drip off, then quickly roll in the coconut or crushed candy cane (or rotate pop while sprinkling with a coating). Leave some cake pops plain, too, if you like. Stand pops upright in a glass and leave to set.

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