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10 gluten-free ideas for baking with citrus

Create zingy baking that everyone can enjoy with these gluten-free citrus recipes. Using everything from trusty lemon to tangy grapefruit, these cakes, slices and biscuits are perfect for a light afternoon tea or dessert.

By Harriet Keown
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    Mini gluten-free blackberry and lemon friands

    Nadia Lim's friand recipe is a must-try for gluten-free bakers! Gently spiked with lemon zest and topped with blackberries, these mini friands will be the star of your next morning or afternoon tea


  • 2

    Gluten-free lemony shortbread

    Lemony shortbread is a beaut baking option for those following a gluten-free diet as its closed texture lends itself to the use of gluten-free flours. This recipe is good to keep on hand in the tins.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Gluten-free orange drizzle cake

    This gluten-free orange drizzle cake is about as light and fluffy as they come! Enjoy a slice for an indulgent afternoon tea or a sweet-but-not-too-sweet dessert, served generously with that glorious orange syrup.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Orange-scented tamarillo and walnut meringue slice

    This deliciously sweet orange-scented tamarillo and walnut meringue slice is baked until lightly browned and crisp and is perfect for afternoon tea - you won't be disappointed!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Gluten-free lemon and grapefruit honey cake

    We’re deep into the citrus season, meaning it is in abundance, so get into it with this fabulous gluten-free lemon and grapefruit honey cake.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 6

    Little polenta and raspberry cakes

    Light, fluffy and oh-so-sweet, Nici Wickes' mini polenta and raspberry cakes are a perfect treat or delightful dessert. Serve these little beauties with whipped cream.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 8

    Orange and pomegranate cake

    This moist and tangy cake is a version of a cake by one of my favourite food writers, Diana Henry. Delightfully zingy and topped with a gorgeous orange and pomegranate syrup, this recipe is always a winner!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 9

    Gooey, chewy lemon and honey slice

    This Nici Wickes lemon slice recipe is so deliciously chewy and using honey and fresh grated ginger in the topping gives it an amazing flavour. Perfect for winter days!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Gluten-free orange syrup cake

    Syrup cakes are popular in many parts of the world, using local spices or fruit to add moisture and flavour. This orange flavoured gluten free version is light and delicious. Enjoy it on its own or with a little whipped cream.

    Australian Women's Weekly|