10 gingerbread recipes that taste like Christmas

Get creative in the kitchen during the lead up to Christmas with these gorgeous spiced gingerbread recipes! They make such a thoughtful idea for gifts, decorations or sweet treats on the day - there's nothing better than homemade.
gingerbread house
March 31, 2010

Easy gingerbread house

Yes, we admit there is some time investment involved here and you’ll need to start this recipe the day before, but trust us; creating a festive-feeling gingerbread house doesn’t have to feel like a renovation from hell.
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August 31, 1974

Gingerbread christmas trees

You will have a lot of royal icing left over, use it for making snow on the trees, if you like. Note
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Gingerbread Birdhouse
September 30, 1975

Gingerbread birdhouse

EQUIPMENT Oven trays 6cm heart cutter paper piping bag 30cm square or round cake board The gingerbread house can be assembled 3 days ahead. Bake gingerbread a day before it’s required and store in an airtight container. Secure the roof panels to the birdhouse with royal icing; hold in place until set. Secure the walls […]
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