Mum’s magical marmalade

This magical marmalade is so fantastic with the orange mellowing the grapefruit, and the lime and lemon creating a sharp tang. We're loving this marmalade on toast for breakfast!
Mum’s magical marmalade



1.Cut the citrus, peel, rind and all, very finely. It’s useful to have a mandolin for this job. Pour over 3 cups of the water and leave to soak overnight.
2.The next day, add the remaining 3 cups of water to the soaked fruit and bring to the boil, then add the sugar and bring to the boil again.
3.Boil until the marmalade sets – about 1 hour. To test whether it has set or not, spoon a little onto a cold saucer and allow to cool. When you run your finger through it, the gap shouldn’t close.
4.Pour into sterilised jars, seal and allow to cool.

Makes 6 medium jars.


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