Festive plum and strawberry jam

This is such a lovely Nici Wickes jam recipe! It’s so seasonal and great as a little Christmas gift for anyone. And it can be made ahead of time, so you won't get stuck in the Christmas rush.
Festive plum and strawberry jam
6 cup
1H 15M



1.Put a saucer in the fridge to chill for testing the setting of the jam later.
2.Lightly grease the bottom of a saucepan with butter, as this prevents sticking.
3.Roughly chop the plums and hull the strawberries, then place them in the greased pot with the water and spice. Gently bring to the boil. Decrease the temperature and simmer until the fruit is squishy. Now pour in the sugar and lemon juice, giving it a stir before bringing it back to the boil. Cook until a few drops of it sets on the chilled saucer – about 45 minutes – 1 hour.
4.Pour into sterilised jars and give to your friends to enjoy.

• An easy way to remove the stones from plums is to cut from the top right around then twist, and presto, you can easily remove the stone. • To test whether jam is cooked enough to set, put a spoonful on a cold saucer, leave for a minute or so, then run your finger through the jam – it should stay parted, which means it will set.


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