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Produce Guide: What's in season this January

Enjoy the freshest, cheapest and most nutritious fruit and vegetables this month, thanks to our helpful produce guide. Find out what is in season this January, and what recipes will bring out the best in each seasonal star.

By Harriet Keown

1. Plum

Nothing screams summer quite like the first bite of a perfectly ripe plum, and though they taste magical just as they are, there are so many creative ways to jazz up your plums. Create a snacking delight with these plum and walnut bars, which make a wonderful tin-filler. You could also whip up these simple plum pastries for a yummy breakfast treat, or this spiced plum pie makes a divine addition to the dessert menu. For something a bit different, try this pork and plum casserole - the richness of the plums really enhance the dish's flavour.
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2. Peach

Full of sweet and juicy finger-licking goodness, peaches are another gift from New Zealand's heavily laden summer fruit trees. Make the most of these delights this month by putting them in all your dishes - sweet and savoury! This peaches and cream pie is a perfect place to start - there's nothing better than encasing this killer combo in sweet homemade pastry. For something a bit lighter, this peach cake with vanilla and rosemary syrup is an afternoon tea delight. Inject some sweetness into your savoury dishes by whipping up these pork chops with peach and rosemary sauce or these summer-barbecue-worthy pork and peach skewers.
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3. Nectarine

With a name coming from the divine drink of ancient Greek gods, it's no wonder nectarines are so deliciously sweet. As well as being perfect eaten straight from the tree, the peach's fuzz-free cousin also makes a great addition to baking, such as these beautifully flavoured nectarine and cardamom muffins or this refined-sugar-free spiced nectarine cake. Nectarines also make a fantastic salad component - this recipe with blue cheese, prosciutto and chilli pecans is a great new idea to try. For a little bit fun, give these nectarine and Pimms picnic jelly jars a go - they are just as fun to make as they are to eat!
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4. Sweetcorn

Summer days are made for nibbling on sweetcorn straight from the cob! There are so many ways to cook sweetcorn to juicy perfection, but our favourite ideas include this buttery, garlicky recipe with smoked paprika oil and this Mexican-style, Manchego-covered grilled variation. If you want to mix things up, try adding your grilled cobs to these soft chicken tacos, this chilli lime snapper dish or this sweet chilli chicken salad - the opportunities for a flavour explosion are endless!
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5. Watermelon

A slice of watermelon is like a breath of fresh air - perfect for devouring on hot summer nights! Enjoy the most refreshing dessert there ever was with this watermelon and pomegranate granita, or get creative making this watermelon dessert 'pizza' with vanilla cream. These watermelon, lime and berry cheesecake jars can be made in just 15 minutes, but are special enough to bring out at your next summer barbecue! Watermelon also adds a lovely pop of juiciness to salads, so try this peach and basil concoction with balsamic dressing for a simple but super-tasty side dish.
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6. Apricot

This sweet-but-tangy summer delight is another of our favourite fruit bowl fillers in January. But as well as being a tasty snack just as they are, apricots add a delightful sweetness to savoury dishes such as this Mediterranean-style apricot chicken recipe or these lamb sosaties with apricot jam. When it comes to sweet treats, this apricot and coconut crumble cake is a moreish bite, or you could pair the lovely tanginess with a subtle spice in this heavenly apricot pie with ginger wine syrup.
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