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Minestrone soup recipes

Minestrone soup recipes

Minestrone soup is a hearty, nourishing meal for the whole family that's easy on the budget. Packed full of veges, the tomato-based soup is wonderfully warming and perfect for those cooler winter nights
Lettuce Soup

Lettuce soup

A simple, hearty soup for the colder months, this lettuce and potato soup elevates everyday pantry staples to a warming comfort dish.
Roman-style artichokes

Roman-style artichokes

Serve up this italian classic, featuring wholesome artichoke filled with herbs, anchovies, parmesan and breadcrumbs. Dress with a green salad drizzled with lemon and olive oil to make a complete side dish.
Three Cabbage Slaw

Three cabbage slaw

This zesty and fresh homemade cabbage slaw is the ultimate side dish for a big dinner spread. Packed full of texture and easy to make, this can be added to sandwiches and burgers for a delicious gourmet hit.
Mixed beans with almonds

Mixed beans with almonds

The perfect side for a delicious dinner spread, mixed green beans are wonderful tossed with a fragrant, zesty dressing and sprinkled with toasted almonds for extra crunch.
Braised Tofu with Vegetables

Braised tofu with vegetables

Discover that healthy, vegetarian food doesn't have to be boring, with this delicious Asian braised tofu dish, served with vegetables in a fragrant sauce.
Spinach With Garlic and Lemon

Spinach with garlic and lemon

This fragrant spinach dish is a wonderful way to get your daily dose of greens. Wonderful served as part of a big dinner spread, garlic and lemon infused olive oil makes this tasty side a winner dish.
Chargrilled Zucchini and Truss Tomatoes

Chargrilled zucchini and truss tomatoes

Tossed with a delicious balsamic olive oil glaze, this chargrilled zucchini and truss tomato dish makes a wonderful side for a quick weeknight dinner, or serve with a fillet of fish for a more fancy occasion.
Crisp potato and peanut cakes

Crisp potato and peanut cakes

Create finger food that boasts a wow factor - combining starchy potato and sago with peanuts and fragrant spices to form these indian-inspired patties.