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Slow cooked pepper pork curry with side of rice

Peppered NZ Pork Curry

Throw this pork curry in the slow-cooker before you head to work and you’ll arrive home to succulent pork that just melts in the mouth!
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Kūmara & chickpea curry

Kūmara & chickpea curry

This Thai-inspired kūmara and chickpea curry is a wholesome and satisfying meal, with vibrant vegetables and tofu served perfectly over steamed rice
Chicken and apricot curry in blue bowl

Chicken and apricot curry

This fragrant curry goes a step further with the famed combination of chicken and apricot, resulting in a simple but delicious dinner. It's such a fantastic way to experiment with fresh summer fruit!
Red Thai duck curry

Red Thai duck curry

I used to order this curry at a Thai restaurant all the time until I decided to make my own version. It’s the perfect dish for a winter dinner, with the curry paste infusing the duck breast with fiery flavour.