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Produce Guide: What's in season this March

Enjoy the freshest, cheapest and most nutritious fruit and vegetables this month, thanks to our helpful produce guide. Find out what is in season this March, and what recipes will bring out the best in each seasonal star.

By Harriet Keown

1. Feijoas

Feijoa fans, rejoice - the most delicious season of the year is finally here, so make the most of it while you can! Feijoas are wonderful just the way they are, but incorporate them into your cooking and baking and you will discover their true magic. Our favourite sweet recipes include this feijoa slice with coconut crumble topping, these feijoa, thyme and blue cheese muffins and these little feijoa, ginger and nut loaves with lemony icing. For an indulgent dessert, this feijoa and apple hazelnut ginger crumble is so moreish, or experiment with savoury flavours by making this feijoa skin compote - it's the perfect foil for roast pork and is a delicious way to reduce food waste!
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2. Grapes

Everyone loves picking a handful of grapes off the bunch and popping them straight into their mouth, but this March is a perfect time to experiment with these little gems of juice while they are plentiful. Adding grapes to your savoury dishes brings a whole new level of flavour - this Tuscan braised chicken recipe makes a simple but delicious dinner, or this camembert pithivier with spiced grape compote is a superstar addition to a cheese platter. For a wonderfully sweet and cooling treat, try freezing a bunch and drizzling with dark chocolate, or make a batch of this sweet red grape jelly to lock in the goodness for months to come - it goes so well with buttery crumpets.
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3. Buttercup squash

Sweet, nutty and brilliantly orange, buttercup squash is an essential ingredient for your March pantry. We love using this pumpkin-like vegetable in our autumn dishes, including everything from roast veggie trays to soups, pies and cakes. This creamy turmeric, basil and buttercup soup is so flavoursome and comforting, while our whole roasted buttercup squash with spiced lentils is a warming meal that tastes as great as it looks. If you're after a fabulous side dish, look no further than this roasted grape and pumpkin agrodolce platter, or try this slow-roasted buttercup with toasted fennel seed and labneh dressing as a fantastic match for your lamb roast.
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4. Pears

The humble pear is an all-round autumn star, making a sweet and juicy addition to many sweet and savoury dishes. For a not-too-sweet morning tea bite, we adore this pear and blueberry shortcake, or this pear and feijoa crumble makes a delightfully sweet, tangy and crunchy dessert (and combines the very best of autumn's fruit supply). Take dessert to the next level by creating a gorgeous tart, whether it's this pear tarte Tatin or our decadent pear and chocolate tart. Pears are also fantastic when dressed up with savoury flavours - so bring out this pork fillet salad with seared pears and blue cheese next time you're entertaining for a simple salad that looks and tastes gourmet.
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5. Braeburn apples

All types of apple are delicious as a crunchy snack, but when it comes to cooking we always reach straight for a Braeburn. These crisp and juicy babies hold their shape really well when cooked, so they are ideal for putting in all your sweet and savoury dishes. This blackberry and apple tea cake goes down so well with a cup of tea, or if you want to level up on indulgence try making these deliriously good salted caramel baked apples. When it comes to savoury, this meatloaf with apple and crispy sage topping makes a perfect autumn picnic dish, or our alpine macaroni and cheese with roasted apples is just what you need for a comforting weekend lunch.
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6. Kūmara

The kūmara is available all year round, but we love using it to amp up our autumn veggie intake. This versatile root vegetable lends its mellow sweet flavour well to so many different dishes, even as a delicious base to sweet recipes like this spiced kūmara cake with orange syrup and frosting. Try this kūmara, pomegranate and goat's cheese salad for a jewel-bright jumble of goodness, or our roast kūmara, green bean and feta frittata as a simple but nourishing weeknight dinner. For a healthy twist on a family classic, try this fish pie with kūmara topping or our beef nachos with homemade kūmara chips - eating nutritiously has never tasted better!
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