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The creamiest custard dessert recipes

Silky custard is the star of these decadent dessert recipes. It's easier than you think to whip up creamy custard from scratch to enjoy in pies, tarts and slices!

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    Chocolate raspberry custard cake

    This moreish chocolate raspberry custard cake is like magic with its layer of custard and spongy fruity top. Serve with freshly whipped cream for a decadent dessert everyone will love!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Vanilla custard and burnt-toffee tart

    This crème brûlée-inspired tart is the ultimate in sweet decadence, with its crunchy burnt-toffee topping and oozy vanilla custard filling. Serve chilled or just-caramelised for a satisfying crack and silky inner.


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    Doughnuts with vanilla custard cream

    These custard-cream-filled doughnuts look and taste like heaven, and the recipe makes heaps so it’s worth the effort! Serve when friends come over for coffee or have them as a delicious informal dessert.

    New Zealand Taste|

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    Rhubarb, pear and pomegranate custard tea cakes

    Elegant, delectable and delicately spiced, these rhubarb, pear and pomegranate custard tea cakes make a wonderful dessert or afternoon tea treat. Serve warm with good quality cream.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

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    Tamarillo and brown sugar custard tart

    Nici Wickes' tamarillo and brown sugar custard tart recipe is so easy to make! Whip up this divine dessert in a jiffy using store-bought pastry and serve while still warm. Delish!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Feijoa custard tart

    Try this easy tart, served with a gingernut crumb and lashings of whipped cream, the next time you need to impress with a dessert. It’s simply gorgeous.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Little berry and pastry cream custard sandwiches

    Nici Wickes' custard sandwiches are like a very simplified mille-feuille, but their simplicity belies their impressiveness and they highlight fresh berries perfectly. It's a dessert recipe almost anyone can master!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Rhubarb custard cake

    There's no other way to say it - this cake is magical! The way the simple batter settles into layers of custard and sponge seems impossible, and yet it works beautifully.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Chocolate custard and cream pie

    Nici Wickes' sweet pie recipe sees dark chocolate custard topped with clouds of softly whipped cream to create the ultimate dreamy dessert. Make your own pastry or use store-bought for an even easier treat

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Mini fruit and custard tarts

    These delicious mini fruit and custard tarts are incredibly easy to make, but will make you the star of your next dinner party. Could dessert get any cuter?

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

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    Sicilian cannoli with custard cream

    Silvana Silvestro of Silvana’s Sicilian shares her recipe for Italian dessert classic, cannoli. Crisp pastry tubes are filled with creamy custard for a heavenly sweet treat

    New Zealand Taste|

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    Cinnamon-roasted tamarillos and vanilla custards

    Nici Wickes shares her mum's recipe for roast tamarillos spiked with cinnamon - a dish that has a family history full of love. Serve with homemade custard for a gorgeously simple dessert

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|